Thinking of Selling or Buying a home in Victoria BC?

A series of informative videos and checklists to help guide you.

Guides for Selling and Buying Properties in Victoria BC

Stephen Fosters Home Selling Guide

This is where you get full, free access to our exclusive Home Selling with Stephen Foster Website. The site includes ...

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Here's What You'll Learn About Victoria BC

Neighbourhood Videos

Get to know Victorias Communities

Amazing Cuisine

Learn about Victorias wold famous fare

Amazing Places for Families

Bike, Hike, Paddle, Golf, Surf, Swim, Bike! Do it all in Victoria BC

Landscape Shots

Discover how to take great shots of nature wherever you are.


Understand how to take photos of people and make them look nice.

Photo Editing

Learn how to edit your photos and make them look perfect in post-production.